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User Tracks Features

This unique and engaging dashboard provides a brand new perspective on web analytics for your web or marketing teams. The User Tracks dashboard brings your web traffic to life and allows your team to identify trends as they happen in real-time.

User Tracks Dashboard

Landing Zones

Map out where your web traffic lands by creating custom landing zones. The zones can represent any grouping of URL paths you desire.

Real Time

As each web visitor browses your website, they will appear on your dashboard in real-time. Every page they visit will be tracked through the site zones as it happens.

Real People
Real Data

Each current web visitor is displayed on your dashboard with all their relavent data including: location, device, page, visit duration, and source of entry.

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Stay alert to your users' most important actions by turning on User Tracks goals. Connect each goal that you have set up in Google Analytics, add some fun custom messaging, and then watch as conversions happen before your eyes. We even include all the important data that is relavant to each conversion.

User Tracks Goals
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An animated analytics dashboard
to track, connect, and visualize your web visitors.